miércoles, 8 de febrero de 2012


Our group has participated in the environment volunteering group. On the first day of our activity as volunteers, we didn't know what we would do or if we would like it, but when we arrived at the Humedal Park and the instructor told us what we were going to do, it was completely different from what we expected. We played games, did activities related to the environment and watched a video about consumerism and how that affects our planet.
Another day we went to LaFactoria, where we were given a talk on Coslada's environment  and we watched a video about pollution and the scarce durability of things (like, for example, light bulbs) today in comparison to years ago.
On our third day of our volunteering work we went to a "Punto Limpio", where we were explained about how it works and they showed us how to use it.
We have also made a vegetable garden in La Factoria", and campaigns in social networks as well as a blog with news related to the topic.
We are very surprised with this volunteering work and it has changed our opinion on the environment.

Irene Ramiro, Alex Buiciuc, Paula Bernal, Ximena Bugoi.

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