lunes, 23 de enero de 2012

Neighbours Fleming

Our organization is"Neighbours Fleming". We (Olga and Nicoleta) go there every Monday evening. With Cristina (our partner in the organization) we help children with their homework and play with them. They are children aged 8 to 11. We get on well and help each other when we don't understand an exercise. We feel very well helping children and we feel useful despite our ages.

We take it very seriously.This is the first time we help in an organization like this. We didn't know there were so many ONGs and so Our partner in the organization helps us very much and supports us. There is also a director; we have talked little to her but she seems to be a very responsible person and very dedicated to Neighbours Fleming. She started working very young, just like us and liked it very much, now she runs the organization. Class volunteers are also in other organizations and are doing very well too. We hope to help a lot with our volunteering activities.

Olga Gisell Candelario and Nicoleta Bianca Rahota

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