miércoles, 11 de enero de 2012

Volunteer Initiative


My name is Daniel Mendoza and I am an English Language Auxiliar here in Coslada, Madrid. I have enjoyed my short time here and am honored to have hopefully make a positive influence on the development of the students. I am encouraging all students to take part in any volunteering opportunity that is available throughout the community. I do hope that in time the volunteering will be something that they can carry with them throughout the various stages of their lives.

My experience with volunteering started in the high school stage as well. The initial seed was planted to encourage community members to get tested and become possible donors for a high school student who was suffering from a rare form of Cancer in which she needed a bone marrow transplant to survive. That seed blossomed and continued into my adult life as I volunteer for two Cancer foundations with various projects within my photography. 

Cancer has touched my family in a very direct and personal way that I know the struggles that go with daily life. Being a survivor myself and also having lost family members to such a fateful disease opened my eyes in teaching me to never take life for granted and to always make each day count. I never gave up through any of my struggles and I am thankful everyday for the opportunities I have been given to hopefully make a difference and hopefully inspire others to make each day count and help those who are in need.

Should you wish know more about my contributions to the Cancer foundations I support please watch this video for more information.

Thank you,

Daniel Mendoza

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